Our Process

NOTE: Please allow us up to 24 hours (One Business Day) to contact you after ordering items online.

Step 1 – Consultation Level Selection
Resume Toronto offers three different levels of consultation to satisfy individual needs. We understand that every resume writing job is different and depending on our customers needs, one-on-one time with our Toronto resume writing experts may be needed. During the first step of the process you will have two consultation types to order from.

1-hour In-Person Consultation: This service includes 1-hour of face-to-face time, with one of our resume writing experts, at our Dundas and Yonge location. This consultation selection enables you to fully utilize our resume writing expertise, by discussing your needs and wants in person. It is ideal for complex resume writing assignments which include a long work history or multiple career industry focus.

Phone Consultation: This service includes a phone consultation with a resume writing professional. This consultation selection enables you to discuss the development of your resume in the most convenient manner possible. It is ideal for standard resume writing assignments.

Step 2 – Client Consultation
After you have made payment, PLEASE WAIT TO BE CONTACTED BY US. We will email you to provide you with available consultation times and to request a current resume. During your consultation the following will be assessed:
– Resume Objective
– Targeted Profession
– Core Competencies, Work Experience, and Education
– Prior Accomplishments
– Career Goals

Step 3 – Resume Development
During our resume development stages, your assigned resume writing expert will perform and determine the following:
– Market Research as it relates to your desired industry
– Resume Structure and Development
– Keyword Strategy for Computer Optimization
– Client Accomplishments
– Editing and Review by additional staff to analyze potential enhancement areas

A resume draft will be sent to you and you will be able to request required changes to your resume draft. Once your 100% satisfied with the draft your final resume will be emailed to you in three different formats, PDF, WORD and TXT.

Step 4 – Follow Up
Our follow-up procedure is as follows:
– Extended follow-up (1-2 month after order) to validate the new resume’s success in the Toronto employment market
– Career Specialist follow-up, if required, providing clients with an enhanced employment strategy